Thursday, January 29, 2009

First timer

Well, I figured it was time to start this blog. I've had the account for months and just haven't posted yet. So here goes...=)

Life for the Alaska Bailey's is busy all day, everyday...=) This is a house filled with laughter, love, and happiness with a little frustration and weariness thrown in here and there! (I have to be honest, right!? *smiles*)

You will notice I *smile* =) and *hug* a lot, but that's just me and if you have received emails from me before, you're already use to them...;)


Isabelle is excelling daily at school and listening to her speak Spanish makes me glow with pride! She loves it and will actually say things in Spanish when asked now. I was able to take the boys with me one afternoon and help out in her Spanish classroom and you would be floored to hear what the students understand! I know I was! I've got a lot of learning to do if I'm going to keep up with her. If not, she's going to have her own secret language with her friends and brothers. YIKES! =) We are anxiously awaiting the removal of her two front teeth. They have been loose for months now and one has begun to turn blue. I am hopeful everyday she goes to school that she'll come home missing at least that one! I think we're close because both are now pointing backward and to the side. It's quite the site! We've tried to use the dental floss trick and just plain old yanking, but they are stubborn! I will do my best to get a picture of them today to put up here so you can see with what we are dealing. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!! Izzy's ready to lose them too, she's just done with home remedies, she actually WANTS to go to the dentist! It's a good thing she's tough!

Aiden is doing very well in preschool also. I came across an email to his teacher from the beginning of last year and I am amazed at the progress he has made since then! Everyday it seems his speech improves and his frustration levels, though they are still there, are incredibly less than they used to be. A welcomed relief to all involved! =) He is a very sweet boy and he melts my heart with his "I wuvs you, Mom." I'm such a softie for lovin!!! We are taking the step to put him into Spanish Immersion next year in Kindergarten, which is a little nerve wracking, but he's a smart boy and he's going to do well! Especially having his "sissy" to help him. I'm hoping that will bring them closer together. It's going to be interesting finally having two kiddos at the same school. I know it's going to be hard for Aiden because he loves Ms. Anna and Ms. Melody so much after two years with them, but we're hoping Aiden will have the same teachers as Izzy did and he'll love them just as much!!! For now, though, Aiden and I are enjoying our three mornings a week with each other. We read, snuggle, and play cars...well actually, I let him play with cars and then I have time for this or laundry and dishes...I will, for sure, choose this over laundry and dishes ANY day!!! Aiden is so good at entertaining himself. It makes my mornings quiet and delightful!!! =)

Tobias is a big preschooler now. He loves it, but still has to jab Momma as I leave by pouting and clinging to me. It is new to me as Aiden and Isabelle disappeared into their classrooms before I even got a second glance. So actually, it is kind of nice. He wants to make sure I know he misses me. It is definitely bittersweet...=) His teacher, Ms. Nancy, says the moment I am gone, he hops up and gets right to enjoying himself! The little turkey!!! He comes home with paintings almost everyday and LOVES Color Wonder markers and paper! It is marvelous to see Tobias develop instead of little Aiden. One Aiden is plenty! ;) Toby is already finding his own likes and doesn't just follow his brother all the time. It's wonderful! And he puts in his own ideas when he plays with Aiden. They end up missing each other so much by Friday that the arguing has dramatically reduced. That sure helps my blood pressure!!! =) I think the boys are as happy as I am with the set up we have this school year! Life is pretty darn nice!!!

Well, I know I haven't quite gotten to Kip and I today, but as this is only my first time, I'll probably find some time tomorrow to write more! For now, I'm off!!! =)


This is Toby on his first day of preschool. That's the face he makes when asked to smile for the camera...I've learned not to do that with him anymore!!! =)

This is Izzy's 7 1/2 inch Rainbow Trout she caught ice fishing with Aiden and Daddy! She brought it home, had Daddy fillet it, fry it, and then she ate it on crackers! She's awesome!!! And her brother rocks too!!! =)