Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's been two weeks already!?

Wowsers, I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I last posted here. Spring Break was already two weeks ago and it went by in a complete blur! Kip and I had the wedding in Homer. The kiddos had their respective vacations, Izzy's first sleepover with a school friend, Aiden FINALLY got to go spend the night with his cousins in Wasilla, and Toby got to spend the weekend with Uncle Drew and Marla! Man, they came back exhausted and incredibly happy! Yay!

Both Toby and Aiden were able to spend the weekend watching the ceremonial AND official start of the Iditarod (YAY! Lance Mackey! Mr. Three Peat!!!), but surprisingly enough, they did not run into each other. They thoroughly got to enjoy being themselves. It was great!!!

Izzy was taught how to drive a snowmachine BY HERSELF! Thank goodness it was a small one! She also got to play a DS for the first time. That's a Nintendo, right? =) I never thought I would be out of the loop when it came to kids stuff, but I think I've seen one of those things twice. She's, of course, completely infatuated with it now. Oh my....

Kip and I attended Jason and Rachel Wall's wedding in Homer, though it was more of a job for me and a night with the guys for Kip. He took it very well, especially when I had said it was going to be a great getaway for us. I did not realize how much work it actually was to shoot a wedding. The photos turned out wonderful! I was lucky enough to have my teacher with me, talking me through every lighting set up and background shot, though, looking to me for final decisions and answers to questions from the couple and their family. It was a phenomenal learning experience for me. I think I have found my calling. Kip was told I looked completely in my element the night of the wedding. It was wonderful!!! I am so grateful for my supportive husband. =)


I can't believe that was just the START of our spring break. The rest of the break we pretty much fell out of contact with the outside world. The boys ended up with ear infections, one right after the other. But we were able to push through it and hike/sled Ptarmagin Pass in Chugiak and ice fish on Mirror Lake. The sun was out in her full glory giving us a glimpse of the warmth to come.We painted the boys' room so it is no longer plum purple. (YAY!) Now it is light blue with one medium blue wall. Kip took the night I was working to redecorate it and get all the boys' posters and artworks up on the walls. We put the furniture in when I got home. --The kiddos spent three nights sleeping together in Izzy's room. The first two nights were fun, by the third, though, they were ALL ready for their own beds! LOL!-- The bunk beds are now against different walls and it looks like a wonderful little boys room with a train table, toy box, and book baskets! It was a job well done! =)St. Patrick's Day was thrown in there too and though it was a quiet gathering this year, we still had a wonderful time! We had cornbeef and cabbage, Irish Soda Bread that Pat made with the kiddos before dinner, shortbread, Guiness, John Powers, green beer, and green iced and sprinkled cupcakes. It was quite the food party!!! Oh! And don't forget the tattoos from Grama! =)
As for now, we're settling back into the groove of school. I can't believe we are on the downward swing towards summer vacation. It's going to be another busy one, but it's going to be wonderful!!! =)
Super Tilly!!!

The Fairy Princess is casting spells with her magic stick wand upon the evil Fairy creature at her feet! That was her story she made up and her Daddy was, indeed, a fairy for his daughter! LOL!

This picture was taken by Marco Gutierrez. He is my instructor and after we finished up with the wedding party, he took the time to shoot a few of Kip and me.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Break is just about here!!! Yay!

It's coming! It's almost here!!! =) Spring Break is within reach!!! Tomorrow morning I head down to Homer to prepare for my first wedding shoot(well second, but the first was YEARS ago). The whole ceremony, reception and everything!!! I can't believe it! I'm SO excited and incredibly nervous!!! I'm going to be driving down tomorrow morning with a fellow photographer (Man, that sounds so cool!!! LOL!). We'll be mapping out our course of action for the wedding and family photos on Saturday.

Kip and I have successfully farmed out the kiddos to a point where if they were not able to go to their respective places they would be incredibly disappointed (this was my plan so Kip could relax and enjoy the fact that we'll be adults all weekend. WOOHOO!!!). The funny thing is, I don't know how to pack to be an adult! LOL! I keep getting distracted trying to be sure the kiddos have everything they'll be needing over the weekend. AH! Motherhood! =) Really I do believe this is going to be a fantastic weekend for all five of us! As well as for Tilly (she'll come down to Homer with Kip). Izzy gets to have her FIRST sleepover with someone other than family! Aiden FINALLY gets to spend the night with Jacob and Emily! And Tobias gets to spend the weekend playing with Uncle Drew and Marla! =) I think Uncle Drew is as excited as Toby is for this weekend!!! So I told Kip that if he decides it's too much for him to make it down, he STILL has to take the kiddos to their places because if he didn't he would be in the DOGHOUSE! =)

Well wish us luck! I best get back to packing!!! *hugs* to all!

Here you are Grama, the photo for which you've been asking!!! =)