Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Break is just about here!!! Yay!

It's coming! It's almost here!!! =) Spring Break is within reach!!! Tomorrow morning I head down to Homer to prepare for my first wedding shoot(well second, but the first was YEARS ago). The whole ceremony, reception and everything!!! I can't believe it! I'm SO excited and incredibly nervous!!! I'm going to be driving down tomorrow morning with a fellow photographer (Man, that sounds so cool!!! LOL!). We'll be mapping out our course of action for the wedding and family photos on Saturday.

Kip and I have successfully farmed out the kiddos to a point where if they were not able to go to their respective places they would be incredibly disappointed (this was my plan so Kip could relax and enjoy the fact that we'll be adults all weekend. WOOHOO!!!). The funny thing is, I don't know how to pack to be an adult! LOL! I keep getting distracted trying to be sure the kiddos have everything they'll be needing over the weekend. AH! Motherhood! =) Really I do believe this is going to be a fantastic weekend for all five of us! As well as for Tilly (she'll come down to Homer with Kip). Izzy gets to have her FIRST sleepover with someone other than family! Aiden FINALLY gets to spend the night with Jacob and Emily! And Tobias gets to spend the weekend playing with Uncle Drew and Marla! =) I think Uncle Drew is as excited as Toby is for this weekend!!! So I told Kip that if he decides it's too much for him to make it down, he STILL has to take the kiddos to their places because if he didn't he would be in the DOGHOUSE! =)

Well wish us luck! I best get back to packing!!! *hugs* to all!

Here you are Grama, the photo for which you've been asking!!! =)


  1. Yay! Have fun! I know the photos will turn out great!

  2. good luck - you're going to be WONDERFUL!!! have fun sweetie! :)

  3. Well, you should be snapping pics about now. I'm praying for you to get all the good shots ... I know you will.

    Speaking of good shots, I love all three pictures you posted. You have the cutest kids in the world! I hope Isabelle is having fun at her friend's house, and Aiden is being spoiled by Aunt Julie-Lulie and family, and I am fairly certain Tobias and Uncle Drew will have a ball, too. How lucky the kids are to have so many people who love them, close to you. I wish I was!
    I know it isn't the 17th yet, but did you get your St. Pats day box yet? I will probably send Isabelle's birthday box and the Easter box all in one box. You can go through and sort for us okay?

    I love you.

  4. PS Is Isabelle sitting in the front seat? I can't believe how tall she is! She is growing up fast...