Monday, April 6, 2009

She's SEVEN! My first born is seven years old. Man, where has the time gone!? How did I get here? =) I swear it was yesterday that I was hiding my engagement ring from my parents when I brought Kip home for the second time EVER. And now I have a seven year old daughter, a to-be five year old next month and and a three and a half year old that is trying to age right along with his big brother! What am I to do!? Enjoy, I guess! =)

These past few weeks have flown by! Izzy had another very successful birthday party in the church gym. Scott, Kimmie, Keegan, and Sanona came up for Junior Olympic swimming and actually got to stay longer than four days!!! Though it still WASN'T long enough!!! Grandpa and Paana had a "Spring" get-together that WAS NOT a birthday party for Grandpa Steven! And, of course, Easter!!! I know I should elaborate on these wonderful events, but I'm going to let the pictures speak for me.Toby fell asleep between Izzy and Aiden. When they got up...he stayed there...=)

Kip finally got to have chocolate! He gave it up for Lent and now he's enjoying Reese's all over again!!!

They did smile for this shot, but it wasn't nearly this telling...=)

How many kiddos can YOU fit in hula hoop?

Blowing out candles on the polar bear cake with Toby's help!

Baby Joy feeding Uncle Kip...=)

Auntie Kimmie and Keegan

Baby Joy playing with Paana's flowers.

Her momma got to play too!

Paana helping with buttons

Dessert at Paana's!!! Yay!!!

Paana and Grandpa Steven

Mmmm...more dessert at Paana's!

Mmmmm! Dinner at Paana and Grandpa's!

Izzy helped make some yumminess!!! =)

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