Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Oh My!

Holy cow what a week! And its only Wednesday! Aiden has been sick with a sore throat and tight cough. Toby went to the doctor yesterday after having the same cold Kip and I had for more than a week and now he's got an ear infection! There have been sick people in our house since the week before the Superbowl! Will we ever be healthy again!? Good thing Isabelle has been able to stave off any sickness! Unfortunately, she has been stuck having to put up with all the sickies in the house! Man I'm ready for good health! =)

We are gearing up for the Junior NYO on Sunday! Isabelle has had practice before and after school for the past week and a half and she's doing very well! She told me after the first few days that when she moved her tummy hurt. And I told her she was sore from using her muscles. I don't remember being sore when I was young, probably just because I didn't realize what it was! It still makes me giggle realizing how much I am responsible for teaching her. Well maybe not giggle, but it sure makes me reevaluate! But I digress...=) Isabelle's coaches are her two gym teachers and they say she works hard everyday! She's been the first one there after school and I'm sure she would be the first one in the morning if she didn't have to wait for her brothers and I to get in the car! She is becoming incredibly self sufficient! Well, once you kick start her in the morning (she's like her Momma!). But once she is dressed and fed, she gets her things gathered and she's ready to go! She makes me so proud! One day she'll actually get to know that. =) For now she has to watch me corral two boys who would rather not do anything I need them to do...=) The stinkers!

Well, I had best get going. Aiden and I have some books to read!

Here are today's pics!

Daddy caught us enjoying our Saturday afternoon watching Black Beauty! I LOVE this time with the kiddos!!! =)This is Toby working at school. He is doing so well!!! For those of you who don't get to see him all that often, you are going to be floored when you get to see his new personality! He's a HAM!

Isabelle has taken up the role of reading to the boys when Momma and Daddy have to get stuff done around the house. It's wonderful! She loves to read and the boys, as you can tell, adore listening! Tilly seems to enjoy it too! Though I think she's more there for the physical closeness! She's a snuggler!

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  1. What precious children. Their Mama and Daddy aren't too bad either! You are my Precious Moments family. I miss you all. Thank you for keeping this going. Love ya, G'ma B.